Product Testing Services: Product Reviewing, Debugging, Failure Analysis, & more

Torus Engineering offers product reviews and testing both before and after prototyping. If you’re preparing to send your designs to a production firm, we can review your schematics and layout to help ensure you receive your prototype as it was expected. Schematic and layout review also check for oversights in power systems, digital interfacing, component selection, electrical isolation, grounding, and thermal control. Once you have a prototype, we can design test requirements to determine the success or failure of your prototype and then perform any necessary failure analyses and debugging.

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Product Review and Testing

We can design tests and requirements to ensure that your product performs essential functions and maintains operational conditions. We’ll plan tests from the ground up and determine what instruments and measurement tools are needed to conduct those tests. Our testing services verify that the sub-systems like circuity and logic function properly to determine if design changes are needed. We also perform high level acceptance testing to ensure the device operates properly and was manufactured correctly.

Pre & Post Prototype Product Review and Testing

We have product testing and review services available at both ends of the prototyping phase. Before you send your product designs to a prototyping firm, we can perform schematic and layout reviews. During schematic reviews, we check for oversights and errors that would affect system operation. The schematic review focuses on power systems, interfacing, and component selection. Layout review analyzes thermal constraints and control, electrical interference, coupling, signal lines, and grounding. Once you’ve received a prototype, we can perform product testing and acceptance testing to ensure your systems are operational and that your prototype was manufactured properly.

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Failure Analysis & Debugging

We perform failure analysis, debugging, and quality control services. If a device fails or doesn’t meet performance expectations for an unknown reason, we can help you understand what systems are responsible. This product testing service requires design review, so we understand your product’s inner workings and see where designers or manufacturers might have made mistakes. Get in contact with Torus Engineering today for more information about our failure analysis and debugging services.

Schematic and Layout Review

Schematic and layout product reviews help ensure you receive a product that is true to your team’s vision. During the schematic review, we inspect your power systems, digital interfacing, control systems, and component requirements to confirm your product will operate. If you need a layout review, we’ll analyze the physical design of your systems to ensure thermal controls, electrical grounding and isolation, and signal lines have been properly designed. Contact Torus Engineering, for the quality product review services your business requires.

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