Engineering Consulting Services: Concept Design, Hardware & Product Development, Product Testing, & more.

Torus Engineering offers engineering services to “bring up” your new technology or product. We collaborate with start-ups, small businesses, and enterprises to focus on the research, development, and prototype level of your new idea or product. We’re the first step — we help you start your product on the right foot, so larger firms can’t take advantage of you. With turnkey design to build product engineering advice, prototype manufacturing consultation, and product testing services, we’ll help you manifest your new idea. Click to call today for a free consultation with our engineers about the future of your new product.
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Expert Engineering Consulting Services

If your business needs an external opinion, we offer consultations from our subject matter experts and technical advisors. Our engineering consulting services are available every step of the way but focus on market research, product testing, and paths forward for your concept. Whether you’re still working out the details of your concept, or if you’ve just received a prototype, we can aide your next steps. Enquire with Torus Engineering today for high quality engineering consulting services.

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Concept Design and Feasibility Services

Our concept design services help turn your high level idea into a functional concept. If you’re still determining what exactly your product should or could do, we’ll run feasibility studies to help you understand how viable your product is. Furthermore, our concept design services include initial design routes and system requirements, as well as process design and 3D concept modeling. And, if you need assistance with early-stage patent development, we are experts in explaining the scope and requirements for patent application.

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Thorough Hardware Development Services

If you already have a conceptual design and a firm grasp of your system requirements, there’s still plenty to be done. At this phase, our hardware development services are ready to design your product’s electrical circuits, sensors, devices, and input and output mapping. From power and logic systems to the safety, security, and protection of your users, our hardware development services are prepared to develop and implement your product’s schematics.

Detailed Product Development Services

If you’re ready to begin the physical and mechanical design of your concept, our product development services are your next step forward. At this phase, you already have a conceptual design and an understanding of the use cases and requirements of your product. Torus Engineering will pick up there with mechanical design using CAD and measurement tools to produce a 3D rendering. During the product development services phase, we’ll also develop the electronics packaging and thermal relief of your product to ensure it maintains operational temperature.

Quality Product Testing Services

Product testing services focus on the review and testing of existing designs, both before and after prototype manufacturing. During a schematic review, we check for potential oversights in operational systems, power systems, and component selection. Our testing services start with planning, forming success requirements, and selecting instruments for testing. We also conduct a layout review for thermal constraints and electrical interfaces. When you receive a prototype, we can wade through any failure analyses that need to be performed as well. If your product or design is ready for review, drop us a line.

Meaningful Research and Technical Reports

If you are associated with a firm, small business, or start-up that needs an outside opinion or expert consultation on prototyping, we can provide a range of research and data analysis services such as market research, product pathing, and prototype manufacturing reports. We’ll help you interpret results and convert analyses into actionable data for engineers, manufacturers, and product testers. Our technical writers have extensive backgrounds in engineering so they can effectively communicate meaningful results. Enquire with Torus Engineering today for expert research and reports.

A Turnkey Product Design Engineering Solution in the USA

Torus Engineering empowers you with turnkey hardware and product development, prototyping, patent procurement, market research, and more. We facilitate preliminary product designs and help our clients manifest new inventions and products. With ground-level experience providing startups, small businesses, and enterprises throughout the United States area with the resources they need to plan, design, and build proprietary products and hardware, we’re confident we’ll be a crucial partner in the development of your new idea. Call or click today and start the journey of product development with our complete design to build product engineering solutions.

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